Grand Harbor Condos

There are hundreds of homes built on the hills overlooking Pickwick Lake which has 490 miles of shoreline. Another lake has 133 miles of shoreline. There are also several residential resorts and developments on or near the water.

Grand Harbor has a ten-story condominium with owner and rental units overlooking the pristine waters of Pickwick Lake. The residential development is complimented with a full-service marina and other recreations facilities.

Shiloh Falls and Pickwick Landing State Park both offer championship golf courses. Shiloh Falls offers both homes and lots for sale surrounding the golf course. Union Harbor Resort is undergoing a $3 million expansion with 50 new home sites. A number of other residential developments are also available, several built around private lakes and marinas. Aqua Yacht Harbor has condos for rent and are building a brand new development across Highway 25 here in Tishomingo County.

Pickwick Pines Resort

Home construction costs are substantially below the national average. A typical three bedroom ranch style home can be purchased or built in the $85,000 to $160,000 range, depending on location and amenities. Taxes are among the lowest in the nation. Real estate taxes on the typical three bedroom ranch style residence average $330 per year.

The State of Mississippi does not tax qualified retirement income, and retiree real estate with a market value up to $70,000 is exempt from local property taxes. Kiplinger ranks Mississippi # 2 in the nation for retirees, reporting that "Mississippi offers a sweet income-tax deal for retirees".